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Beyond the Search for Life/Work Balance: Having the Life You Want

Wednesday, November 18 @ 1pm eastern

Sponsored by Nissan and facilitated by Nanci Luna Jiménez, an internationally-recognized trainer and Certified Professional Facilitator, Beyond the Search for Life/Work Balance: Having the Life You Want provided unique insights into clarifying and prioritizing the life we want while we stop wasting time looking for a balance that doesn’t exist.

In today’s world, we are expected to be all things to all people.  We love our family; we are passionate about our work.  Our down-time is precious—more so because it feels so rare.

The work/life balance webinar made the participants know how to better manage time or be more organized.  What if the question weren’t one of balance but rather having the life we want?  What if the answer is not outside us at all, but rather inside us? What if the key was not a new tool, technique, gadget or software, but instead a process of getting clear about what it is we really do want our lives to look like?

So often the feelings of not being or doing enough are centered in a place of inadequacy—our own.  So often the feelings of not having enough time to do what we want is that we aren’t clear about what that is—so we are pulled into what others want for us, often with the best of intentions.