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Welcome to NHLI's Webinar Series

Why Latinas? Why Now?

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Although as Latinas, we know the changes and shifts happening within the Latino community are important and will significantly change the landscape of the US, this can be a difficult idea to convey at times, both to our community at large as well as to non-Latinos.

Why is it important – not just for Latinos, but non-Latinos as well – to know who we are as a community, the power we wield, and the direction we're going?

In the mainstream media, we are often pathologized as a Latino community (How do you feel when you hear the terms "illegal aliens," teen mothers, gang bangers?). What many don't know is we have a wonderful, rich history of incredible women and the Latino community is much stronger TODAY than people realize!

The National Hispana Leadership Institute's webinar Why Latinas? Why Now? was presented on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 1pm (EST).

Aurelia Flores
The webinar will be presented by Aurelia Flores, founder of, practicing intellectual property attorney and 2010 NHLI alumna. A former single teen mother and domestic violence survivor, Aurelia graduated from Stanford Law School and is now a versatile leader, speaker and blogger.

Why Latinas? Why Now? will wow you with statistics you have never heard before, give you tools to share this information with others and to put it into action in your community.

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