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The First Step to Effective Leadership:
Knowing Yourself

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aurelia Flores, Founder of and 2010 National Hispana Leadership Institute Executive Leadership Program Fellow, helped NHLI Kick-off its 2010 online training series with the First Step to Leadership: Knowing Yourself webinar where she walked participants through how self-knowledge and reflection are powerful tools to better understand our leadership styles, motivators and influencers in our journey to becoming more effective leaders at work, home and in our communities. This was Part 1 of a 3-part series.

  • Click here for a pdf of the slide presentation.
  • Click here for the workbook.

For questions about the webinars you may e-mail

Aurelia Flores
About Aurelia

A seasoned national speaker and trainer on leadership topics, Aurelia Flores was recently featured in the book Aim High: Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women. She founded, a company that uses the internet and social networking, to support Latinas working together in an evolving Latino culture to create a better world. Inspired by over 70 interviews with Latina leaders from across the nation, including NHLI Executive Leadership Program (ELP) alumna Rita Jaramillo (1988 ELP) and Arisa Batista Cunningham (2008 ELP), Aurelia is launching a Latina Personal Power Program, an online program that organizes groups of Powerful Latinas and offers them tools to implement positive change in their lives. This NHLI leadership webinar series will provide an inside look into the program.

A former single teen mother, Aurelia is a Stanford Law School graduate and a Fulbright scholar. She is a practicing intellectual property attorney.