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Welcome to NHLI's Webinar Series

Take Your Presentation from
Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Ever wonder what distinguishes a good presenter from an exceptional one?

Getting your message, ideas and meaning across to others requires knowing your audience and topic, effective delivery techniques, and proficiency in cross-cultural communication, especially in today's multicultural society and global economy.

Recent surveys indicate that Latinas do not get recognition and visibility they deserve. Catalyst research found that Latinas typically believe that hard work alone will get them noticed and help them get promotions.

Sizzling presentations is one avenue to get visibilty and recognition.

The National Hispana Leadership Institute's presented Executive Presentations: Proven Professional Techniques that Work on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 1pm (EST) to ignite your speaking power and kick-off 2011 with a step towards maximizing your influence.

Dr. Jo Ann PiñaThe webinar was presented by Dr. Jo Ann Piña, one of the most acclaimed experts in cross-cultural communication in the country and a 1997 NHLI alumna. You’ll learn:

* Tips on how to address stage fright,
* engage your audience using humor,
* craft engaging openings and memorable closings,
* delivery techniques, and more.

Following the webinar participants will become more effective leaders and speakers with the ability to communicate across different cultures.

In addition to being the only Latina PhD in the National Speakers Association and one of the few women of Hispanic heritage to earn advanced degrees in psychology and counseling, Dr. Jo is the originator of the only values-based model for understanding cross-cultural communication and the creator of the CrossTalk Series.

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