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NHLI 2010 Executive Leadership Training Conference & Mujer Awards

2005 Mujer Award Recipients

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Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch from Laredo, Texas is this year’s recipient of the National Mujer Award. She overcame challenges of poverty, discrimination and illiteracy and is now a successful leader and role model for her community. Consuelo is known as a charismatic, passionate and influential speaker and she carries her powerful mission to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today. Consuelo has dedicated her life to empowering a new generation of Hispanic leaders and has worked with over one million children and their parents in the roughest neighborhoods in America. EAS is not her first success. She is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel that broke barriers and set records in the military when she became the highest-ranking Hispanic woman in the Combat Support Field of the United States Army. With her dedication to Latino youth and her distinguished military career she represents the NHLI’s ideal recipient of the 2005 National Mujer Award.

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Eva Pagán Hill is this year’s recipient of the Regional Mujer Award. Eva’s dedication, selflessness, and inexhaustible service to the Hispanic community of Central Florida is visible in every sector of her community. She is a mental health and human services specialist with over fifteen years of progressive accomplishments, and a Latino advocate from Orlando, Florida. She also writes a bi-weekly newspaper column on family strengthening for La Prensa. She is fully committed to helping the Latino community and exercises her skills and mentorship qualities as a specialist on behalf of the community. She is a gifted speaker and writer who maximizes opportunities to carry her community’s message to everyone with whom she interacts. She is a trusted source of information and an inspiration to many Latinas and is most deserving of the 2005 Regional Mujer Award.

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