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NHLI 2010 Executive Leadership Training Conference & Mujer Awards

2010 Conference Artists

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For the second year, The National Hispana Leadership Institute selected Hispana artist to present and promote their art at the Executive Leadership Training Conference and Mujer Awards in Miami, FL on November 4-5, 2010.

The winning works of both artists’ reflects the conference theme, “The Latina Mosaic: Strength in Diversity.” In society today, diversity plays a more prominent role than ever. In government, art, business, and entertainment, the effects of globalization are evident; the importance of Latinas to this world cannot be underestimated.

This year’s winners, Anyly Peleaz from Miami, FL and Yolanda Valdés-Rementería from Portland, OR; use their art to represent not only the beauty of the Hispanic woman, but the importance of that woman to diversity and the strength of community.

Divine Culture1st Place

Anyly Peleaz

Anyly Peleaz was born to a family of artists in Havana. As a deaf person, one of her biggest obstacles was that there were no interpreters in Cuba to help her with her studies. Anyly depended on notes of other students to excel in her studies at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas San Alejandro. After her graduation in 1995, she came to the United States and was admitted to the New World School of Art at the University of Florida. With the help of interpreters, she graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s in fine arts with honors.

Her first-place entry for NHLI’s 2010 Conference, “Divine Culture” is a reflection of the strength, friendship, beauty and diversity of the Latino/Hispanic culture. The beautiful woman is a representation of the inner self that can only be embraced by self-acceptance. Anyly calls Latinas “living flowers” and her message is one of peace, life, joy, kindness, calmness and in essence, love.

Anyly’s art is a reflection of her love of nature and its mysteries. Her artwork aspires to manifest the magical qualities of different environments by enhancing the “moods” of nature. Characters and settings are combined to create effects that are at the same time inspiring, fascinating, exciting and significant. Her artistic passion is in the telling of stories of the natural world. The brilliance of Mother Nature’s sacred colors bring out the whispers of darkness into the light of all living things.

Anyly compares her artwork to a pool of water where a stone is dropped, waves and ripples move out and burst into ever widening circles. These circles are her goals for the future that never end as her art moves, serenades and is born into a “new life.”

2nd Place

Fountains of InspirationYolanda Valdés-Rementería

"Fountains of Inspiration"

My interest in art began at an early age. I enjoy painting in a variety of media because after years of exploration I find that each medium option offers a unique enrichment to my senses.  I also love nature.  The ideas for my paintings are often a direct response from the landscape in the plein aire tradition.  I am equally fascinated by the diversity in people and love to paint portraits.

I am often moved by the role culture plays in the many ways it enhances our lives. Perhaps our individuality is born from our personal preferences in our cuisine, daily attire, décor and our dreams. I paint still life compositions because the object world sustains a relationship connect to our sense of values.
My artwork is also characterized by imagination and fantasy. I am presently painting in response to abstract ideas that allow me to explore thematic visions which result in the creation of more symbolic images. These compositions address the spirit of the idea, capturing more than just its material delineation. 

Yolanda Valdés-Rementería was born in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. She studied her Bachelor of Arts at Portland State University in Oregon and holds degrees from several other institutions. Several permanent collections of her work exist in Oregon, as well as Mexico and Arizona. Much of her artwork resides in private and corporate collections.

Valdés-Rementería enjoys painting in a variety of mediums because, after years of exploration, she found that each medium offers a unique enrichment of the senses much like the different textures and qualities found in nature. Valdés also loves nature, and many of the ideas for her paintings derive from the landscapes of the plein aire tradition. Along with her love of nature, Valdés loves portrait work because diversity and people fascinate her.

Culture and individuality often influence Valdés’ art work, especially her belief that our personal preferences in cuisine, daily attire, décor, and dream create our individuality. She pains still life compositions because the object world creates a relationship between our values and morals and something concrete.

Imagination and fantasy play an important role in Valdés’ artwork. Valdés’ current work responds “to abstract ideas that allow her to explore thematic visions which result in the creation of more symbolic images. These compositions address the spirit of theidea, capturing more than just its material delineation.”