The National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) is the premier leadership training institute for mid-career professional Latinas. The NHLI program consists of four one-week leadership development seminars which span nine months in four cities. The intensive learning experience provides training in public policy, leadership, strategic management and race, class and gender issues. The program emphasizes a holistic approach to leadership. The excellence and relevance of NHLI’s training program has been recognized by distinguished leaders in the public and private sectors.

The Latinas Learning to Lead Institute is an expansion of the outstanding work of the National Hispana Leadership Institute. This exciting new program ensures that 20 young Latina college students ages 17-22 to develop their personal and professional potential to serve as leaders within the rapidly growing Hispanic communities in the United States. The Latinas Learning to Lead Institute combines leadership training with technical and practical experience in a comprehensive one-week summer program in Washington, DC. The Institute develops and nurtures the leadership skills of young Latinas and prepare them for the leadership roles they will be ex-pected to fill. Participants work on cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution, youth entrepreneurship, technology, personal and career planning.

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