National Hispana Leadership Institute - Celebrating 27 Years of Latina Leadership  

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Executive Leadership Program

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Program Structure & Sessions

NHLI's program is of high quality, innovative and substantive. As such, it looks to recruit participants who are diverse, talented and accomplished. It complements and builds upon other training programs by integrating personal growth with formal courses of study. The dynamic curriculum allows participants to put their talents into action through emphasis on personal strengths and management of personal weaknesses.Participants are taught to reflect on themselves so that they may look ahead with renewed and expanded perspectives. By examining how as Hispanics and women they have historically looked at community issues, they prepare to reach out and build bridges with other groups of society.

NHLI has developed a four-week intensive leadership training program which spans nine months and is implemented in four different cities in the United States.

Week 1: Understanding Yourself and Building Networks focuses on learning about leadership strengths and areas for development, cross cultural communication, conflict resolution, team building, development of support networks, and setting personal/professional development goals. Held at San Juan Bautista, California in February.

Week II: Effective Change Through Public Policy Management focuses on public management, negotiation skills, and strategic management through a case study approach. Held in April at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Week III: Leadership Development Program is conducted at the Center for Creative Leadership (the top corporate executive leadership institute in the country), and combines lectures, group exercises, assessment questionnaires, and individual feedback sessions to provide participants with information about their leadership, behavioral and decision-making skills. Participants choose from three locations including: Greensboro, North Carolina; San Diego, California; Denver, Colorado. 

Week IV: Impacting Decision Makers and National Policy participants explore the legislative process and national policy issues, and engage in meetings with Congressional representatives and national leaders. Takes place in Washington, D.C. in September.